Before I go, do y’all think Matt Gaetz might be President someday?

Michael Arceneaux
4 min readSep 18

If the congressman becomes the next governor of Florida, he may become the successful Trump clone the current governor failed to be.

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Apparently, Matt Gaetz is telling people that you should expect him to run for governor of Florida.

Gaetz was reportedly seen as “kind of holding court” in Tallahassee for the designation ceremony of Miami Republican state Rep. Danny Perez, the next speaker of the Florida House.

“There was a lot of talk about it at the reception last night, and Gaetz was telling people to basically expect him to be in,” a Florida Republican lobbyist told NBC News.

When asked directly about the event on Sunday night, Gaetz told them:

“Many did encourage me to consider running for governor one day, but we have an outstanding governor who will be in that position through 2026. My only political focus right now is Trump 2024.”

Separately, in a statement to Insider, Gaetz said, “The NBC story is overblown clickbait,” Gaetz said.

Yet, he also said that “dozens” of his former colleagues from the state legislature encouraged him “relentlessly” to pursue the position.

I’m inclined to agree with whatever “Florida Republican operate” told NBC News that when it comes to Gatez, “He’s 100 percent in.”

For the obvious reason: “I think Gaetz is an instant front-runner and from what I hear he’s already won the Trump primary.”

I can see why Donald Trump would like Matt Gaetz for reasons that extend beyond the Florida congressman’s fealty to him. Gaetz was investigated for sex trafficking and ultimately not charged, he was known to have turned to Trump for a pardon over fears of facing serious legal charges. Sweet Potato Saddam has sympathy for men accused of predatory behavior so one imagines there is some kind of kinship there.

Michael Arceneaux

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