George Santos is the pathological liar the GOP deserves

Michael Arceneaux
4 min readDec 28, 2022

The lying Congressman-elect is a sign of more to come.

Photo: @Santos4Congress/Twitter

As embarrassing as it is to be a gay Republican, it’s worse when you’re potentially only pretending to be one.

I can’t say for sure if George Santos is lying about his sexuality, but he has already proven to be a liar about so many other aspects of his life.

He lied about where he attended college. He lied about graduating from college. He lied about his employment history. He lied about his ethnicity. He lied about owning properties. He lied about his charity organization. He lied about having ties to hate crime victims.

Whose to say he hasn’t been lying about having sex with men?

He is supposed to be the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat as a non-incumbent, but it’s plausible he’s never seen a dick besides his own.

Last week, a New York Times report confirmed ongoing suspicions that the newly elected congressman was padding his resume with accomplishments no where close to anything he’s actually done with this life.

Since Monday, Santos has done a number of interviews to try and cool the controversy of his creation — largely to very poor results.

Speaking with WABC radio host John Catsimatidis, Santos acknowledged deceiving voters but downplayed the significance of the lies he told.

“I’m not going to make excuses for this, but a lot of people overstate in their resumes, or twist a little bit…I’m not saying I’m not guilty of that,” Santos explained this week.

Then came the deflection: “I am not a criminal. Not here, not abroad, in any jurisdiction in the world have I ever committed any crimes.”

Another lie because as I understand it, he’s been accused of check fraud in Brazil and fled the country before he could be prosecuted.

In spite of all this, Santos says no matter how many lies he’s told to win his seat, he is not giving it up.

“This [controversy] will not deter me from having good legislative success,” Santo said. “I will be effective. I will be good.”

Michael Arceneaux

New York Times bestselling author of “I Can’t Date Jesus” and “I Don’t Want To Die Poor.”