In a battle between Donald and Ronald, which racist are you rooting for?

Michael Arceneaux
5 min readFeb 14

I can’t stand Donald Trump, but I hope he ruins “Meatball Ron’s” life.


What’s the appropriate response to a maniac serially accused of sexual assault insinuating that you are a pedophile?

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis found himself accused of being a groomer thanks to former President Donald Trump and his followers.

Posting on Truth Social, Trump “reTruthed” a post from Dong-Chan Lee, a Trump supporter, featuring a photo of DeSantis at a party with what’s alleged to be three underage girls.

In his early 20s, DeSantis taught at Darlington, a private boarding school in Rome, Georgia.

The photo, believed to be taken in 2001, was originally posted in 2021.

In the post resurfacing the photo, Lee writes: “Here is Ron DeSanctimonious grooming high school girls with alcohol as a teacher.”

In his resharing of the post, Trump said, “That’s not Ron, is it? He would never do such a thing!”

Of course, Trump is actively fighting a case accusing him of rape, has had to contend with his past relationship with wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and has long creeped many of us out over the way he has sexualized his own daughter in various interviews.

And again, Trump has been serially accused of sexual assault.

Trump is one of misogyny’s greatest champions and is not a person one takes seriously when it comes to protecting women and girls.

Yet, as hypocritical as Trump sounds and as vile an accusation as he’s lodging, this could not have happened to a better person than Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is not the only right winger responsible for stoking the old stereotype linking queerness to pedophilia, but he has been its loudest promoter — all for the sake of political power.

DeSantis and his aides have championed bigoted legislation like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” under the false pretense of protecting children — and maligning all political opponents of their policies as deviants that harm children.

Hypocritical or not, it’s about time someone else used this bullying tactic against…

Michael Arceneaux

New York Times bestselling author of “I Can’t Date Jesus” and “I Don’t Want To Die Poor.”